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Antelope Elementary School District

E-Rate Questions & Answers

Category 2 - ERATE Rfp#2021-22 Questions & Answers

Category 2 - ERATE Rfp#2021-22 Questions & Answers

Antelope ESD E-Rate 2021-22 Form 470# 210008127 
Question 1: According to the RFP, the subject line is advised to reference 470# 200011986. However, the Form470# on the USAC site references #21000812

Answer: Due to M&C error the correct 470 number is the one in USAC, #210008127.
Question 2: On page 11, the quantity for Line Item #2 is "01".  Can you please clarify if possibly it is Qty. 1 or Qty 10

Answer: Line 2 is Ruckus support for the Virtual Server, support for all existing and new devices is on 3rd line.
Question 3: Would a fully managed OPEX model response be entertained wherein the vendor would take full responsibility for all equipment with 24/7 support for all connections and bill monthly for the services?

Answer:  We have very recently purchsed and deployed a Ruckus Virtual Smartzone we will be using.  We are looking to add to this system.
Question 4: For the Ruckus Upgrade what is the Virtual Smart Zone Serial Number?

Answer:  We have contacted RuckusWireless/Commscope, the serial number is not necessary for the purpose of attaining pricing, we will provide the serial number to the vendor selected for this RFP.  For more info feel free to contact RUCUKS Partner Account Manager