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E-Rate Questions

Berrendos Middle School Wifi Equip RFP 2019-01

Q:       What is the model number of the conntroller

A:        ZoneDirector 3000


Antelope Elementary School Wiring RFP 2019-02

Q:        Do backer boards need to be painted?

A:         No


Q:        What size conduit between MDF and new Room 4 IDF in Section 2?

A:         2" rigid metal conduit to include all appropriate attachments and accessories


Q:        How many Fiber runs need to be re-connected at new MDF? 

A:         4 existing 6 strand fiber runs


Q:        Section 1 - Who will be responsible for making the needed penetrations from the old MDF location to the new?  What size penetration/ducts will be required or provided?

A:         Penetrations will be made by Antelope Elementary School District prior to the work in this RFP taking place.  Exact sizes of the openings will be determined when the work is performed, but planning on at least  two (2) openings at least 2”x2”


Q:        Will abatement of existing network cabling at the old MDF location be required by winning contractor?

A:         Abatement will not be performed by winning contractor.  Antelope Elementary School District will be responsible for this after completion of the work in this RFP.