Cafeteria Food Programs

  • You do not need to participate in an assistance program to qualify.  Everyone is encouraged to apply.
  • If you currently receive Food Stamps, California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids (CALWORKS), Kinship Guardianship Assistanced Payments (KinGAP), or Food Distribution program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR) benefits, your child may receive free meals.
  • If your total household income is the same or less than the amounts on the applications income scale, your child may receive meals free or at a reduced price. "Household" means a group of related or non-related individuals who are living as one economic unit and sharing living expenses. Living expenses include rent, clothes, food, doctor bills, and utility bills.
  • A foster care child who is the legal responsibility of the welfare agency or ward of the court may be eligible to receive meals free or at a reduced price regardless of your income. Foster children must have a separate application from other children in your household, and their eligibility is based on their "Personal Use Income".

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lunch program?

Your child is entitled to federal tax dollars collected by the federal government. In order for your child's school to collect these funds, this form must be filled out. This is "your child's fair share" of tax dollars.

Who will see this form?

This form is only seen by a designated school official. This information WILL NOT be sent to any other agency.

What kind of funding will this effect?

*E-Rate technology funding

*Millions of available dollars in grant funds

*State entitlement funds

*State Title 1 funding

*Free and Reduced lunch

How is my school's funding determined?

The federal government determines this based on national family income amounts. The more households that meet the federal standard the more money our schools receive. Well over 55% of all Shasta County households meet this survey standard, for example.

Summer Meal Program


*Summer Meal Service Sites Map: Each year, the CDE’s Nutrition Services Division posts locations on the CDE Summer Meal Service Sites Web page at
* Summer Meal Finder: The CDE will also share 2015 Summer Meal Service site information on the USDA Summer Meal Site Finder Web page at
*Parents can search for 2015 meal sites in their area using the Web page or they can call the National Hunger Clearinghouse Hotline at 866-3HUNGRY(866-348-6479)  or 877-8HAMBRE (877-842-6273)
Additional Resources
*USDA Summer Food Web site: To learn more about summer meal programs or for additional resources, please visit the USDA’s SFSP Web site at
*Summer Outreach Ideas: For more summer meal outreach ideas please visit the USDA’s Summer Meals Toolkit Web page at

Cafeteria Services serves a daily school breakfast (SBP), lunch (NSLP), and After-School Snack Program.


Antelope School District encourages all to participate in the meal programs. For more information please visit:



Program Applications
Aplicaciones del programa

Elegibilidad para el Programa
Solicitud para el Programa 


Your Application and Information is Kept Strictly Confidential!
(Su aplicacion es estrictamente confidencial!)

The program requires a new application to be completed each school year.  New applications must be completed and returned even though your child or children participated in this program last year.  You will be notified once your child's application has been approved. Contact the Cafeteria Food Services Manager with your questions at 527-1272 extension 206. 


National Hunger Clearinghouse House Hotlines are:

866-3HUNGRY (866-348-6479) 

877-8HAMBRE (877-842-6273)