Cafeteria Food Services

Antelope, Berrendos, Manton, and Plum Valley Elementary Schools


Breakfast - Students Amount Lunch - Students Amount
Reduced Breakfast Program $.30 Reduced Lunch Program $.40
Full Pay Meal $1.75 Full Pay Lunch $2.75
Milk only $.50 Milk only $.50
Breakfast - Adults   Lunch - Adults  
Meal $2.00 Meal $3.25
Milk only $.50 Milk only $.50


*Prices per day, per meal
*Free Lunch Program, no cost per meal
*Must have 3 of the 5 components for reimbursable lunch meal, (fruit/vegetable)
*Must have 3 ot the 5 components for reimbursable breakfast meal, (fruit)
**Components: Protein, Grain, Milk, Vegetable, or Fruit

                                                             Food Services Manager at 527-1272 extension 206.

Wellness Policy
Currently under revision.

USDA Non-Discrimination Statement